[WT-support] Speed jumps up occasionally

John Warburton G4IRN qrz at dxdx.co.uk
Wed Dec 1 16:46:16 CET 2010

Hi Bob 

Three PC's were in use - one was worse than the others for increasing
speeds but they all suffered from timing issues (which I would expect with
XP). I know that the station host had developed an ESM script, however I
switched it off (ESMOFF) when operating and used the + and Ins keys. No
script calls were made from within the messages; no keys were redefined;
speed changes were done with Alt-V; the paddle was plugged into the radio's


John G4IRN. 



On Wed, 1 Dec 2010 00:47:54 -0800, "Bob Wilson, N6TV"  wrote: This is the
first time I can recall anyone reporting unexpected CW speed jumps when
using COM port or LPT port CW keying, not using a WinKey.  Are you sure
that Win-Test was suddenly sending much faster than the speed indicated by
the rate window, with speed changes not explained by using ++ and -- in CW
messages?  Or are you saying that the PC-generated CW was "stuttering"
(occasionally sending a long dot or dash)? 
 Were you using any
Win-Test script calls in your CW messages or advanced
 Did you have any keys redefined as Alt-F9 and or Alt-F10, such as PageUp?

 Was it happening on all computers or just one? 
 How were you doing the hand keying?  Did you have a Logikey or similar
wired in parallel, or were you using the radio's internal keyer? 
 73, Bob, N6TV 

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