[WT-support] CQWW CW issue

Oliver Grossmann oliver.grossmann at bretzi.de
Wed Dec 1 07:46:52 CET 2010

If it is possible to set several filters to bandmap. A checkbox for 
showing multis, 3 point station and 1 point station, could also help to 
handle the flood of new callsigns from the skimmer. Or maybe a 
prioritylist, which data source is allowed to overwrite other stations. 
This would be nice if you are running your own skimner.

I also like the sugguestion of the list from bob.

I guess it is very tricky to find a solution which fits for everyone. 
I'm really looking to see how it will be handled in the future.
This feature can only be tested during contest operation.


   Oliver Grossmann   |   DH2WQ   |   oliver.grossmann at bretzi.de

Am 01.12.2010 01:35, schrieb Bob Wilson, N6TV:
> This is a new phenomenon, with dozens of Skimmers all over the world, 
> all interconnected by the Internet, together spotting spotting 
> hundreds of callsigns every second.  It is quite possible for two 
> stations to be on exactly the same frequency at exactly the same time, 
> and not hear each other at all.
> Maybe the Win-Test band map needs a way to display up to three or four 
> /dissimilar/ callsigns all at once, all on the same frequency.  Then 
> it's up to the /operator/ to click on the callsign he is actually 
> hearing.  Ctrl-Spacebar (grab spot according to VFO A freq) could be 
> pressed multiple times to run through the list.
> Perhaps what is also needed in Win-Test' is a "voting" system for 
> cluster spots.  If two skimmers (or humans) spot EI6IZ, and another 
> spots I6IZ, all within the same 5-minute period within the same spot 
> window, I6IZ should not replace EI6IZ in the band map, even if it was 
> spotted last.  The three callsigns with the most spots in the last 5 
> minute period should "win".  Of course if you sign your call enough 
> times in the pileup, your call could end up in the band map, right 
> next to the DX callsign, causing more confusion if you happen to be 
> rare DX.
> One would think that a manually entered operator correction (via 
> right-click / Modify, or Ctrl-Enter) should have higher priority, but 
> when should it go away?  A new valid call could show up on that 
> frequency, well before the timeout period.  There needs to be some 
> type of "similarity check" I guess.
> Bad Skimmer or Cluster spots could also be automatically filtered if 
> Win-Test's used its built-in callsign pattern check, MASTER.SCP 
> database, and known calls already in the log, to determine whether or 
> not to put a spot into the bandmap and announce windows.  Maybe it's 
> better to leave it to experienced operators to recognize these errors, 
> rather than the computer, but it is a distraction.
> Of course there's not much that Win-Test can do with skimmers like 
> WA7LNW-# that reported every station heard, instead of only those that 
> were CQing.  Maybe Win-Test should automatically ignore a set of 
> Skimmer spots if is reported many different callsigns all on nearly 
> the same frequency, all within the same 5 minute period.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
> On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 2:55 PM, Matt IZ3EYZ <iz3eyz at virgilio.it 
> <mailto:iz3eyz at virgilio.it>> wrote:
>     Unfortunately (as I expected) the 0hz thing doesn't solve at all
>     the problem
>     which comes up using RBN.
>     I installed and used 4.7 dev during last cqww cw and due to the
>     fact several
>     skimmers actually spot S&Ping stns it means MANY mult spots are soon
>     overwritten in a matter of few seconds. :-((
>     Each op here devoleped his own strategy:
>     a)writing down calls and qrgs on paper
>     b)putting them into bandmap (but they are still overwritten)
>     c)storing qrg's into rtx memories
>     d)making sh/dx xyz to recall a certain call
>     All of above is far from ideal.
>     I just hope developers someday will understand the real need of
>     introducing
>     a new feature or eventually remove the overwriting (and keep it
>     just for the
>     same call spots )thing as ES5TV suggested.
>     Looking at MS, M2, MM, SOA scores it can be seen how an automatic
>     spotting
>     system like RBN brought mult numbers to another level. Actually I
>     feel those
>     800 dxcc scores could be improved even more!
>     73
>     eyz
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>     >> Hello
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>     >>
>     >>
>     >> I hope that some day you will understand how much the need to
>     be able to
>     >> shut down the spot bandwidth. Maybe its because you lads don't
>     work much
>     >> CW Contests (?) but this is a MAJOR issue.
>     >
>     > This is fix in the latest  dev version (4.7)
>     > Worked great here with the spot wide set to 0 (zero) hz
>     >
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