[WT-support] Feature request: Country window with possibility to edit information

GIRTS BUDIS yl2kl at lf.lv
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I do not agree with you, to do what U suggest not availiable at rate more
than 159 Q/h (depends from op) and brain working in another
direction...(less NO standart typing on KeyBoard)  at same time some 2nd
radio attention .. etc.  Please check again for Toni request!(more easy)
Maybe I’m wrong......


73 = Girts YL2KL


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On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 5:12 AM, Toni Lindén <oh2ua at oh2u.com> wrote:

I'd like to see a window related to stations country with possibility
to edit the information shown in window. The idea would be like in
Extra information window, but not related to callsing but country of
the callsing.

As an example, if I type in callsing field CR3E (or any CT3 call), the
editable country info window could show me something like:

160: May be hard, try to QSY with CR3E
80: CQ9L single band
40: Mni CT3, should not be problem
20: Mni CT3, should not be problem
15: Best time at 12:15-14:15UTC
10: Try at 14:30UTC, CT3EN SB with 5el
Also CQ3K and CQ9X active, both M/S

Or if I type EYxxx in the callsing field, file could show me just:
ONLY EY8MM active, big antennas on all bands


Some Win-Test users may not know that many of these features are already
available, though not all in one window.  In addition to the Check
<http://docs.win-test.com/wiki/Menu:Windows#Check_Multipliers>  Multipliers
window [F10], you can press [Ctrl-P] to display the QSY Wizard
<http://docs.win-test.com/wiki/Menu:Windows#QSY_Wizard>  to determine the
best time to work a station (if HamCap is installed).  You can press [Alt-D]
to pass a <http://docs.win-test.com/wiki/Menu:Commands#Pass_a_station>
station or [Alt-E] to create a sked
<http://docs.win-test.com/wiki/Menu:Commands#Take_a_sked> .  Both pop-up
windows allow you to add comments or notes about the station.  Both skeds
and passes are combined and displayed in the Skeds window
<http://docs.win-test.com/wiki/Menu:Windows#Skeds>  (Alt-B), including the
notes.  You can right click on a pass or sked to modify it or delete it, and
the skeds can be sorted by band (but not by country).


Combining everything together in the Check Multipliers window seems do-able,
but the window would have to be a lot wider.



Bob, N6TV

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