[WT-support] Radio 1 Window in WT4.5.0

AC0W ac0w at charter.net
Tue Aug 17 23:49:17 CEST 2010

I've seen this when the software gets a bad frequency from the rig 
(FT1000D), typically due to RF. The problem seems to occur mainly on 20 
meters for me. Presently using MK2R but had this in the past with RS232 
interface available for Yaesu equipment. Seems to self correct when RF 
goes away and software gets a good frequency read. Ferrite chocks help 
but have not totally eliminate yet.


On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Armin Sturm wrote:

> Hi Bob, I believe the Radio B was ok, but not sure. It is true, I use 
> a USB
> to serial converter but don't know what kind of chipset it is based 
> on. RF
> is not an issue as the transmitting antenna is more than 500 ft away 
> from
> the shack. But good to get this information and will check it out. I 
> was
> wondering that after restart of the software it was working again. And 
> yes I
> use the default wintest settings for the FT1k MP.
> Thanks for the fast reply
> Armin, DK9PY
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> I don't recall seeing any reports like this before.
> Are you using a USB-to-Serial adapter?  If so, and if that adapter is 
> based
> on the "Prolific" chipset, perhaps that is the problem.  These devices 
> are
> notoriously unreliable.  Perhaps new drivers will help, or a new
> USB-to-Serial interface based on the FTDI chipset.
> Also, what was happening on VFO B at the time?
> I assume that you are using the Win-Test FT-1000MP defaults: 
> 4800,N,8,2
> DTR/RTS = Always OFF.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
> On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:06 AM, Armin Sturm <dk9py at t-online.de> 
> wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed a very strange behaviour in the VFO A frequency field of 
> Radio 1
> (FT1000MP MarkV). During the contest I was wondering that the band 
> suddenly
> changed in the working area from 20m to 15m (although the xcvr was 
> still on
> 20m). The frequency shown in the VFO A field was something like 
> 12405.?.
> Changing the band with the arrow keys worked still fine on the xcvr, 
> but in
> the working field it jumped to 15m again. I only could stop the 
> behaviour by
> closing WT and restart it again. It happend 3 times during the 
> contest.
> Luckily I watched afterwords the VFO A field in the Radio window and 
> the
> frequency on the radio to make sure that when it happens to restart 
> WT.
> Hopefully WT did not log QSOs in the wrong band. Has this been seen 
> before?
> I can remember that it happend also last year with WT3.27, but forgot 
> to
> report.
> 73 / Armin, DK9PY
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