[WT-support] Number of needed QTCs

Franta Bendl dj0zy at i--i.de
Mon Aug 16 15:43:22 CEST 2010


I found followed issue as problem for me at the last WAE-weekend:

During of an insert of a callsign into the call-field I can see the message
"QTC needed: 10" and this message remain also after the hit of space-bar moves 
the cursor to the report-field.

If the callsign is dupe, I can see the DUPE-Message and the "QTC needed 10" is 
staying in the second line. But after hitting of the space-bar the 
QTC-message disappear and also the next hits of the space-bar don't show the 
QTC-info again.

It means that if you want QTCs from the station worked already before and you 
automatically hit the space-bar after the callsign is typed in and you didn't 
catch the info, there is no more possibility to get it again.

Bug or feature? Or am I wrong?

73 de Franta/DJ0ZY

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