[WT-support] PIEXX SO2Rxlat USB-LPT

Roger Parsons ve3zi at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 01:13:40 CEST 2010

Scott, K0DQ asked about the SO2Rxlat a week or so back, and he and I have been in communication since. I thought the group might like to know what we have found.

The situation is that the SO2Rxlat is still only compatible with the MK2R protocol and not yet the OTRSP. Chris at Piexx hopes to have new firmware available within a month - I really hope he means that as I am a bit committed now.

My experience is that it partially works with Win-Test (set as MK2R). For some reason CW start and stop with a Winkey are delayed by about 1s. Also when switching between transceivers the RX side switching is delayed by about 1s over the TX. Apart from that it seems OK. 

The built-in CW and PTT on the second serial port work fine but the interface devices (FETs I think) are built into the board - so they appear as contact closures to ground - which is not what the description says.

I can't get it to work at all with Writelog. It seems to work pretty much by the book on N1MM - except sometimes it doesn't work at all for me - probably operator error :-)

73 Roger


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