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Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Sun Mar 29 22:42:34 CEST 2009

Hi Bob...thanks for the note...we are using 3 stations on 40m and 20m...a
Running station, a Multiplier station that works Mults and other stuff not
in the log and a Partner station...if I set the Mult station as Run support
and the Partner as Run Support, then all three stations look and act like
partners...the Mult station is typing calls in his field and they display on
the Partner and the Run...this is an action I don't want...I need the Mult
station to have his own idenity...but I dont want the Mult station to report
his freq to the network...thats the problem...we use the Run station to pass
to, not the mult station who is moving around all the time...thanks de Rick

2009/3/29 Bob Wilson, N6TV <n6tv at arrl.net>

> Rick,
> I assume you are operating as Multi-Single (M/S), not Multi-Multi (M/M) or
> Mulit-Two (M/2).  If you are operating as Multi-Multi, then every band
> should be a RUN station, and there should be no MULT stations, unless you
> have the capability to have two stations on the same band at the same time
> (one CQing, one tuning).
> Though you can right click on the Status window [Alt-J], and select Display
> Options | Support stations, there is no corresponding option to show or
> hide Mult stations, nor do I think that it would be a useful addition.  For
> one thing it could cause confusion, "The network is down, I can't see
> station x!", etc.
> It is very useful to know the frequency of a Mult station at all times.
>  For example, say the run station is on 14.030 and the mult station lands on
> 7.015.  You can immediately see that interference to the run station is
> coming from the 2nd harmonic of the mult. station.
> Also, in a contest like CQ WW where it useful to pass multipliers from band
> to band, you need to see the frequency of the mult station at all times.  A
> new multiplier calls in, you signal to the mult op to "Find a clear freq.",
> he finds one, you see it immediately in the Status window, and then you ask
> the multiplier to QSY to that frequency.  In WPX this is less useful because
> there are no band multipliers, but you could still pass a station to add to
> your QSO total.
> Now, even if you are putting three PCs on the same band:  RUN, SUPPORT, and
> MULT, it's still useful to know where the mult station is.  The "main"
> operator can use "Alt Double-Click" to pass the frequency of the mult
> station to Sub VFO B to prepare for a quick QSY to work the mult.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
> 2009/3/29 Rick Dougherty NQ4I <nq4i at contesting.com>
>> Hi All..at the direction of N6TV, we re set our Mult Stations as Mult No
>> Support and that enables the correct functions for a third Partner station
>> on a band...however now the ALT-J function which displays freq's of rigs is
>> showing the Mult station freq as well...we would to be able to suppress the
>> Mult station freq as it is not a needed function at a M-M station...maybe
>> Bob has another trick up his sleeve?? Thanks de Rick NQ4I
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