[WT-support] WT RTTY (radio 1) window width - font size

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Mon Mar 2 18:07:53 CET 2009

Hi Tom

Tom W8JI a écrit :

> It would be good for Wintest users or planned users to know 
> exactly what is to be changed and what order, and what will 
> forever stay the same.

Unfortunately, we can't say for sure what will be done, and what will 
*not* be done, and when. You know Win-Test is not a full-time job, and 
its spare time development must comply with the real life. I understand 
it can be very frustrating for some users, but we prefer to promise 
nothing, rather than disappointing them later. In short, I can't answer 
with accuracy to your question.

That said, its current GUI will stay the same for sure (ie the way to 
navigate across the log, the child window included or not in the main 
wnd, etc.) and its general user interface too. We are also *VERY* 
demanding on the overall stability of the software, and it is one of the 
reasons why we're now only adding a little number of features at each 
release, to limit side effects. WT is used by many large multi-ops teams 
and DXPeds (K5D used it for example) and we don't want to take any risk 
to compromise tons of QSO (or a contest entry) for a minor requirement 
or a fix that can be avoided or circumvented.

I recently had an opportunity to discuss with a very well known and 
experienced European contester who won several CQWW (with or without 
WT), and he told me that (in his opinion) all needed features to win a 
contest were yet included in Win-Test and future additions can be today 
considered as unnecessary ;-)  Nevertheless some additions, like the 
rotors control, will be included someday for sure because it frees time 
and keep the op. focused on the pile-up.

As a side note, even if we limit our emails on this list, be assured we 
read all polite posts (even the longest, that takes time) and 
suggestions expressed on this list.


Larry - F6FVY

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