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Wed Jun 3 22:44:29 CEST 2009

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 12:33 PM, <marcelo at alternex.com.br> wrote:

> As forr the + delay, maybeit is caused by disk activity. Does win-key saves
> the data after every QSO?

Yes, Win-Test writes to disk after every QSO.  But this should not delay CW
sending.  Win-Test should not wait for disk I/O before sending CW (but maybe
it is a bug that is only noticeable when using very slow disks).

Does your [+] message have $CR at the end, or at the beginning?  It should
be at the end as shown below.

Be sure to verify that the [+] message contains no leading blanks or *extra
spaces* between words:

Wrong: [  $CORRECT  TU $MYCALL $CR ]
        ^^        ^^
Right: [$CORRECT TU $MYCALL $CR    ]

It's very easy to miss this because the MESSAGES windows uses a proportional
font (Arial) instead of a mono space font like Courier New, so extra blanks
are really hard to see.

If that's not it, the only way to see what is happening is to enable WinKey
message logging in the microHAM router program so we can examine all the
messages being sent back and forth between Win-Test and your WinKeyer when
you press [+].

You may also want to look for a "PTT delay" setting in the Router Software.

Bob, N6TV
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