[WT-support] CW Speed control?

Bernhard Buettner DL6RAI wintest07 at dl6rai.muc.de
Mon Jun 23 07:39:35 CEST 2008

> I just installed WT ver. 3.21.0 and I no longer have CW speed  control.  My 
> radio and the software are both in the CW Mode, and I can  send CW from the 
> F-keys and from the paddle.  I can adjust speed  up/down using the Speed control 
> on the Microham CW Keyer.
> In the Command menu, CW Speed is greyed out, and Alt-F9/F10 no longer  
> increments speed up or down.  Also, Alt-V does not open the Speed Dialog  box.
> Any suggestions?
> 73, George, K5KG


Go to Options | Winkey Configuration... 

Either deselect "synchronized CW message and paddle speeds" or under
"Speed Setting" select "Only by the Win-Test Commands".

73 Ben, DL6RAI

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