[WT-support] CAT-Problem with FT100 (switching VFO A, VFO B, SPLIT)

Lorenz Grassl lenz at lenz-grassl.de
Wed Jun 18 05:32:26 CEST 2008

Hi Laurent,

by the way: my "full" name is "Lorenz" so it´s the same like yours -
just the german version :-)

> Is this anomaly specific to the FT100, or is it also applicable to the 
> FT100D too ? 
I did not check with the FT100D but the CAT-specs look similar. So I
suppose the problem is the same.

> And what happens when you're *really* in SPLIT ?
Nothing at all. The behaviour doesn´t change. Its even the same when I
use VFO A or B

> It means 
> that if they doesn't even respect their own specs, it is harder to code 
> and debug 
Of course - the problem becomes much bigger then. But at the moment I
don´t know wether they respect their specs or not.
There is a software "CW Skimmer" which should talk through the CAT as
well. There was also a problem with exchanging frequencies. The author,
Alex (VE3NEA), has a debugger-software (client.exe) which I ran for him.
I did the same for you now and attached the log here. So probably that 
log gives help concerning the problem?

Is there any debug-mode for WT as well?

I generated a logfile and I did the following:
1. starting the soft
2. switching SPLIT on/off/on/off
3. switching from VFO A to VFO B then again A
4. switching SPLIT on
5. switching again from VFO A to B and again to A
6. changed QRG from 7020 to 7024

> (we unfortunately don't own every radio Win-Test do support, 
> as you can imagine).
Oh yes, I can imagine!

Here are the lines Alex, VE3NEA wrote me concerning the problem:
  >>Thank you for the logs. The format of the status data returned by 
your radio is different from that defined for FT-100D. >>When these data 
are interpreted according to the 100D format, the radio appears to be in 
the TX mode, Split on. >>Because of this, the receive frequency cannot 
be determined.

73 Laurent and thanks for reading this.

Best wishes,
Lorenz (Lenz), DL8RDL

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