[WT-support] CAT settings of FT-1000MP MarkV (field) in Win-Test

Toni Lindén oh2ua at oh2u.com
Tue Jun 10 20:50:23 CEST 2008

Hold your horses Bob ;)

> Did it work with any other software, like
> OmniRig<http://www.dxatlas.com/omnirig/>?
> When it was on COM8, was it configured for 4800,N,8,2, DTR=Always Off,
> CTS=Always OFF?  By default CTS=Always ON until you press the [FT1000MP
> Defaults Settings] button to set up everything properly.

We did not try it with any other software, we were doing contest.
I'm sure that settings were OK.

> How many "real"  COM ports?  If you were using a 4-port PCMCIA card on a
> laptop with its own serial port, Infrared port, and Bluetooth (?), perhaps
> COM8 was already in use by hardware or other drivers?  If you installed the
> PCMCIA card *after* installing the Router software, instead of before, there
> could be conflicts between virtual serial ports and real serial ports.

With real COM ports I mean REAL COM-ports. The computer was desktop
with 8 real COM ports.

> I believe the MicroHAM Router software tries to determine all the real com
> ports before it creates virtual COM ports.  I would exit the router
> software, install the PCMCIA card, reboot, and see what happens with COM8.
> A re-install of the Router software might also be necessary.  Do you have
> the latest version (
> http://www.microham.com/Downloads/urouter_release_05_01_01.exe)?

See my answer above. We did reboot computer 2 or 3 times with same
result. We had the latest Router version as well as latest MK2R+ FW
and latest WT version (also updated cty files ;)). Only thing that
helped, was changing radio control to small numbered COM port.

> I doubt it is a Win-Test bug; WT thinks doesn't know it is talking to a
> virtual serial port.

Bob, now I'm not following you! I'm not saying this is anything to do
with virtual serial port. I'm saying (as Andy and Juha also reported)
that RADIO control (CAT) for FT1000MP (also MarkV) is broken when
trying to use some of high number COM ports. I can't say if it's WT or
Router issue, but Router was working as it should also with high
numbered COM and looking from Router log all looked normal.

>  I bet it is a configuration issue.

And I'm sure it's not ;)

73 de Toni, OH2UA

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