[WT-support] CAT settings of FT-1000MP MarkV (field) in Win-Test 3.20

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Jun 9 20:46:28 CEST 2008

Do you see the "CAT" light blinking on the rig?  If so, if you type a
frequency in the callsign field of Win-Test, and press [Enter], does the rig

You could try changing the polling rate to see if that make any difference.
Try 500ms, and if that works, reduce it to the lowest value that works

I'm no expert on RigExpert, but if there is no CAT light, it could be a
RigExpert USB Serial Port configuration problem, rather than a Win-Test
configuration problem (sounds like you did everything right in Win-Test).

On page 6 of the Rig Expert manual
Russian <http://www.rigexpert.com/files/tiny_manual_ru.pdf>) it says:

It is recommended for all four ports to uncheck the Serial
Enumerator check-box in the same window:

This will eliminate a case when Windows is trying to
find a mouse or other device on this port when you plug
in the RigExpert Tiny.

Did you do that on both PCs?

Note that the Rig Expert software compatibility
page<http://www.rigexpert.com/index?f=software>doesn't list Win-Test,
but if it works for the others, I don't know why it
wouldn't work with Win-Test, other than the polling rate issue.

Bob, N6TV

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 3:03 AM, Andy Novikov <rz3em at yandex.ru> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> Just prior the FD IARU Region 1 cw, tried to install WT in our
> network.
> Both Radios in the Network are FT-1000-MP-MarkV (one of them is
> version - Field).
> Both USB-Com interfaces are RigExpert Tiny for FT-1000 (
> http://www.rigexpert.com/index?s=tiny )
> The PCs (WinXP Pro SP2) recognized COM 5 (CAT) and COM 6 (CW/PPT) as a
> ports with RE Tiny drivers. The CW / PTT from WT worked WELL via COM 6!
> But, the CAT was not sucessul (on both PCs / TXs)! :(
> The way of my config was the following:
> 1) Options - Configure Interfaces...
> 2) COM 5 - Radio 1
> 3) Tranceivers - Radio 1 = FT-1000MP, Don't pool = empty, Pooling rate
> = Auto
> 4) COM 5 - Radio 1 - Configure - click FT-1000MP Default Settings - Ok
> (the COM 5 port in the PC had the SAME settings 4800-8-n-2)
> 5) Interfaces configuration - Ok
> 6) Alt-J, changed manually the freq on the Main VFO, but the freq in Radio
> 1
> Status bar is 18089 and does not change. :(
> Closed all, and in the other HAN SW (AAtest Contest Module), with the
> same port settings - the CAT works properly.
> All the time the WT was run the first (in order to occupy the port).
> Any suggestions, what I've done in the wrong way?
> Will be very thankful for your suggestions.
> Regards,
> Andy - RZ3EM
> -----------------
> RK3EXA/p team IARU Region 1 FD 2008 CW
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