[WT-support] Zone changing....not necessary!

Nigel G3TXF nigel at G3TXF.com
Wed Oct 31 17:36:27 CET 2007

Hello Win-Test users,

Yes, I was also 'correcting' the incoming zone for virtually every W this
weekend. But it was entirely my fault!

I had not realised that there was a choice of Country Files, until Boris
T93Y kindly mentioned it on here during the Contest. [But even after reading
Boris' message I did not dare change the Country File myself during the
contest for fear of messing up my log!]

Wouldn't the answer be to make the CTY_WT_MOD.DAT the default Country File?

We could then forget about the other two. Uploading the latest version of
this file from within Win-Test is just so easy.

While I am on, I'd like to say that Win-Test once again added significantly
to the fun of the contest, even though I was giving myself extra work in
changing so many incoming Zones, by using the wrong Country File!

73 - Nigel G3TXF

Isn't perhaps the answer to this
problem to make the
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> Hi there!
> I don't had any problems using WT 3.17.0 in CQWW SSB exept some wrong
> zone numbers for Asiatic Russia (17 instead 18 etc..), but it seem to
> me this is a problem of  a new CTY file.
> 73, Mike RL3BM
>> I had the same problem with WT 3.16. But after you enter    the
>> full call, if you move over to the zone field and press Ctrl-W or
>> Ctrl-K    to clear it, then press the space bar a couple times, WT
>> will usually fill in    the correct zone.
>> 73,
>> Bob, N6TV
>> On 10/30/07, 4O3A <yt6a at cg.yu> wrote:
>> I had the same problems as Tonno. It was very      frustrating to
>> know that you have to type correct zone almost on every W's      and
>> UAs.
>> 73
>> Ranko
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