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Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Wed Oct 31 04:19:43 CET 2007

I find myself wondering who "appointed" this guy?  Is he now part of the
Win-Test Development team??  Or does he just like to grandstand?


He certainly didn't offer me any help with the IE-7 issue.  I've been trying
to decide whether to post a comment that the Problem I reported with
Contextual Help has not been fixed and that Contextual help with IE-7 still
does not work.


I never received a reply from Olivier to my question about what he "fixed."




------ Dave




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To repeat what I wrote last week:

Please open a bug report via http:// <http://bugs.win-test.com/>
bugs.win-test.com.  Just click "Register as a new user" at the bottom.  Once
you are signed in, click "Add new task" at the top and fill-in the blanks to
create the bug report.  This really helps Laurent and Olivier keep track of
what needs fixing. 

They prefer bug reports there, feature requests here on the reflector.  See
http://www.f5mzn.org/pipermail/support/2007-August/074426.html .

Bob, N6TV

On 10/30/07, Pete Michaelis - N8TR <pete.n8tr at gmail.com> wrote:

At 07:57 PM 10/30/2007, Rick Dougherty NQ4I wrote:

Hi Oliver and Larry...congratulations on the excellent score from South
America...here is a note from my Chief Op VE7ZO..de Rick nq4i

3.  The point and click feature of pulling up a spot with the FT1000D does
not work when the transmitter or receiver is split to begin with.  If you
return the rig to simplex mode and pick a station from the band map or the
dx cluster announcement window it will work correctly and establish the
correct phone split as it was entered on the cluster. 

This problem also occurred with my Yaesu FT1000MP.  What happens is that
when the
FT1000MP or FT1000 is already in split mode the second VFO is set properly
the main VFO is not set to the  frequency shown in the announcement window
band map) rather it stays at the frequency of the previous selection. I was
version 3.17

73 Pete - N8TR


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