[WT-support] More than one log

Noel Chenavard nc at lem.com
Mon Oct 29 17:30:58 CET 2007

Miguel Teixeira wrote:
> Hello to all,
> I've had two issues in Win-test last week/weekend, the first was
> related to several independent logs using the same network, what
> happened was that we had the same fisical network in at least 5
> computers, using their own callsign, and if they had the network
> configuration turned on, then the other log of the other band using a
> different call would come and merge with the first.
Hi Miguel,
you must configure WT according to the documentation


"Network Protocol Advanced Settings
Under the Network Protocol Advanced Settings dialog you will find a way 
to restrict network traffic in a very specific way.
CAUTION: Modifications to the default settings must be considered with 
an extreme attention.
It is reserved for very particular configurations or purposes, mainly 
used by expert users.
You're on your own!

Packet sharing:
Can be used if stations are networked with different callsigns, do not 
want a common log,
but want to share a commun packet stream.
Can be used for several co-located single OP stations on VHF/UHF for 
example. "

Options > Configure Interfaces > Network Protocol > Advanced Settings
and click "Packet Sharing Only".

When the WT team will be back from their FY5KE  "holidays" ;-))  they 
will probably confirm ...

73 - noel f6bgc / f8kcf

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