[WT-support] Mon Audio SSB not working

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Wed Oct 24 00:18:01 CEST 2007

On 10/20/07, Wayne Kline <w3ea at hotmail.com> wrote:
> During SSB playback ( CQ ECT.) I have no  transmitting  monitored audio.
> This is great for SO2R where you need to listing to the other band segment
> during CQ or Report Exchange, But for everyday SO I would like  have the
> option of turning it off or on.  Pilot Error might play big hand it  me not
> knowing or overlooking  the obvious function switch location.
Try enabling your rig's "Monitor" button and adjust your rig's "Monitor
Volume."  You should always be able to hear your transmitted audio, whether
it's coming from a sound card or a mic.

See also the "Mute" checkbox on the Windows Volume Control:

In WindowsXP, if you can find a little gray speaker icon in the task bar,
near the clock, double-click the icon to open the Volume Control window.

   1. Start
   2. Control Panel
   3. Sound and Audio Devices
   4. Volume tab
   5. Device volume section
   6. Check "Place volume icon in the task bar"
   7. Click the Advanced button

If you don't see a "Microphone slider" in the Volume Control window, select
Options, Properties, and place a check mark next to Microphone and press OK.

At the bottom of the Microphone slider, if Mute is checked, uncheck it.
This checkbox represents "Mic. Monitor".  It does not mean "Mute the mic.
input."  It means "Mute the Mic. Monitor."

Normally in Windows you want Mute checked here because you don't want your
PC microphone to be echoed into your PC speakers, as that would cause
feedback.  But if you've connected "Speaker out" to your rig's input, the
only way to hear what's happening on the mic. input is to uncheck that
little box.  Connect your mic. to your sound card input, and your sound card
output to your rig.

If the mic. gain seems feeble, click the Advanced button below the
Microphone slider, and check "Mic. Boost".  If you don't see an Advanced
button, select Options, Advanced controls in the menu at the top of the
Volume Control window.

If you still don't have any mic. volume, select Options, Properties,
Recording, and Press "OK".  The Window title will change from "Volume
Control" to "Recording Control."  Make sure "Microphone" is selected as the
input device.

None of this has anything to do with Win-Test in particular; it's just the
way Windows does things.  IMHO, it's very confusing to most users.

Bob, N6TV
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