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OK Oliver,

Thank's for comments, i didn't never use it, but i need to train newcomers 
and look for a QSY wizard.

I will try to follow ur suggest

See u in next days from 1A3A

73 de I4UFH

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> I4UFH HRS wrotte:
>> Does any one use this feature .... ?
>> I am trying to learn more how this feature if is enough correct, just as 
>> a
>> tool for the new comers operators.
>> Unfortunatly after setting each windows, antennas/lat-log/ the results 
>> are
>> fair different of what we could expect, claiming QSY on 40m with USA West
>> Coast on the middle of the morning from Europe or Europeans o 160m. I 
>> would
>> expect a better suggestion ...
>> Based on the own experience the results are unseful and a worst support 
>> for
>> a newcomers that without experience will use CTRL P as mastering os QSY 
>> ..
>> Any better improvment ? HamCap is enough good with forecasts and i think
>> that these information need to be correlated with SS/SR information.
> QSY Wizard uses the Hamcap forecasts for making decisions. I experienced
> best results setting Hamcap with isotropic antennas and 1500 watts for
> all bands. You can have wrong results if you set high-gain antennas in
> Hamcap -- you can probably work West-cost in the middle of the morning
> on 40 from Europe a normal day when there is not tons of strong signals
> on the band. Unfortunately, this is not as true in a contest, and this
> is why I think it's better to minimise the station performance in Hamcap.
> QSY Wizard works this way:
> 1. search which bands the DXCC is missing
> 2. check if condx are OK, band by band
> 3. sort the results
> - QSY Wizards will suggest first to QSY on the band of the active mult
> station (if operating M/S)
> - then it will sort by the better probability of working the station
> (according to the signal strength given by Hamcap)
> - it will display "SKED" when there is no condx at the moment with the
> other station
> Don't expect good result on 160 because there is no forecast on that band.
> Hope that it clarifies a bit.
> 73,
> -- 
> Olivier / f5mzn
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