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Andrew Hewitt andyphewitt at btopenworld.com
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Problem resolved. I have been using the same system with various programs
for some years, DX4Win and others without too much trouble so when I kept
losing the settings I thought I had not ticked a box in WinTest. However now
that I have three different contests set up and loaded it seems to stick. 

Thanks for your interest

Andy G3SVD




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Can't really help you Andy since I have no experience of interfacing Kenwood
radio's with Dx4WIN or WT.


But I do know, that for Yaesu,  I use an interface (MicroHam USBII)   that
requires some software to be preloaded (actually included in the start up).


So I am not sure what software you are running for your interface ???  


I am sure , if it is a common problem someone else will advise







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I have just subscribed to WinTest and I'm trying to get it set up. Mostly it
is working OK, I have some minor difficulties but most are resolved, except,
so far, one. This is that the CAT configuration settings do not remain
saved. If I exit from the prog and switch off the PC, or just go over to a
different logging program (DX4Win) when I return to play with WinTest it
will not talk to the rigs. Opening up OPTIONS/CONFIGURE INTERFACES the port
boxes will no longer be ticked and all the settings will be gone. I have
just been setting up the Telnet connection that took a while and everything
was fine. The rigs and PC were talking to each other, a bit slow but on
speaking terms!


Rig no1 is a TS950SDX and rig no2 is a TS570sdg

The PC is Dell Dimension E520 2.7Gig, 245G HD, 1024 RAM running Windows XP
media centre SP2.


I don't have this problem with DX4Win, MixW or any other of the various
progs I use or have tried.

Some advice would be appreciated.


Andy G3SVD 

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