[WT-support] WinKey and Radio A/B control problems with WT + EZ Master

Carlos Neves (CT3FQ) ct3fq at ct3team.com
Tue Mar 27 11:28:37 CEST 2007

Hi Steve,
I have exactly the same problems, but Fabio doesn't answer any 
e-mails...too busy?

Taylor, Steve wrote:

> Oliver and Fabio,
> I am having several problems with a new EZ Master installation.
> WinKey does not work at all. There is no OFF/ON button inside the 
> WinKey frame on the EZManager Advanced tab. The only designation 
> inside the EZManager WinKey frame is “WPM --“. When the CW speed 
> control pot on the front of the EZ Master is turned there is no WPM 
> speed indication on this screen and WinKey speed is not displayed in 
> the Rate Window inside WT, whether independent speed control is 
> selected or not. How do you turn on WinKey?
> Whenever Enable WinKey is checked on the EZMaster configuration screen 
> WT will not send CW and PTT does not work. If I turn off WinKey I can 
> send CW using the WT F1-F7 keys and PTT works, but sending CW through 
> the WinKey paddle input on the EZ Master does not work if WinKey 
> Enable is selected or not. The virtual COM port properties for DTR and 
> RTS must be set to CW and PTT in order to send CW from WT. If I change 
> DTR and RTS to the EZMaster default settings (Always OFF) WT will not 
> send CW and PTT does not work.
> I am able to switch from Radio A to Radio B using the button on the 
> front of the EZ Master control panel, but Radio A/B switching does not 
> work from the WT keyboard using either the * or ALT-: command. I am 
> not sure how Cap lock binds to secondary radio is supposed to work, 
> but when this option is selected nothing changes whenever Caps Lock is 
> pressed.
> There is no option to select WinTest on the EZMaster Quick Console 
> screen. Does this make any difference? I am not sure which logging 
> program to select if running WT, so I have been using ANY Windows, 
> although I noticed the CW keying from WT seems to work a little more 
> smoothly when WRITELOG is selected. Does which program is selected on 
> this screen matter? BTW, I am getting a green “ON” button when the 
> virtual COM port is tested.
> Tried installation using another PC with same results. Also dropped 
> back to EZ Master V1.37 firmware but had the exact same issues.
> Here are the S/W versions I am running:
> EZ Master V1.40
> EZ Manager V1.0.31
> EZ Master Quick Console V1.0.15
> WinTest V3.8.6
> Radio A = FT1000MP
> Radio B = IC-765
> Using EZ Master factory cables to both radios. No COM port or LPT port 
> connection between EZ Master and PC; using single USB cable only.
> Is a configuration setup guide available for WT users? I did not find 
> that in the EZ Master manual.
> Any suggestions or assistance will be greatly appreciated!
> 73,
> Steve – K5MR
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