[WT-support] First use and IOTA

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Tue Jun 26 11:51:20 CEST 2007

Hi Jim

Jim Martin a écrit :

> 1.  Allow an IOTA reference to be entered in the call field and show the 
> mult status in the 'Check multiplier' window.

As I said in a previous post, you can use the Shift-F10 key sequence for 
this. It was a CT feature for the CQWW zones and we extended for most of 
the contest which involve "zones" (or states, provinces, etc.). We do 
not intend to modify this behaviour.

> 2. IOTA log field.  Populate the continent (eg EU, AS) automatically from 
> the entered callsign and have the cursor move to the numeric entry point for 
> the IOTA reference.

Once more, we kept the default behaviour of Win-Test and do not intend 
to modify it. It means that if a default exchange is found (in the 
database or in the log), it is displayed, and the cursor will be moved 
to its first character. And we will not populate with the continent by 
default because there are (many) cases where you will work non-island 
stations !

> 3. IOTA log field.  Limit the data entry to (AN, AF, AS, EU, NA, SA, AN, OC) 
> for the first two characters and numerics only for the others.  It is very 
> easy in the heat of contesting to type the wrong characters.  Where possible 
> I believe the logging software should highlight this to the operator.

Sri for being so "negative" again, but our philosophy is to *never* 
prevent the op. to log what he wants, assuming he enters the mandatory 
data, and never block him. Except the callsign field, which has a 
minimal check (having alphanumeric chars or "/" only, with one digit at 
least), we choosed to never restrict data entry. This is the 
responsability of the op. to enter correct data. But, if an unknown IOTA 
is entered (because of a typo or an unknown island reference) a "?" char 
will be displayed in the flags section at the end of the QSO line. This 
is much more effective if you entered wrong data, rather than "blocking" 
your entry : One of your collegue can focus on what is wrong and fix the 
typo, while you're still focused on the pile-up. "Minimal fuss for the 
runner" is the motto.


Larry - F6FVY

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