[WT-support] Packet problem and WAE

F6IFY f6ify at free.fr
Thu May 12 14:56:42 CEST 2005

> Manfred Wolf a écrit :
> > Hi Olivier,
> > 
> > -----------
> > I  made first tests in WAE:
> > After typing in all QTCs another Alt-L closes the window and writes 
> > the QTCs into nirvana.
> > 
> > I think Alt-L should also save the QTCs or give at least a warning 
> > message that QTCs will be lost.
> If everyone agree, I'll add a dialog boxto ask the operator 
> if he really accept to loose the QTCs. OK?

It is a good idea but with the yes/no choice and focus on the yes button: so
just hit the spacebar or enter key to save and remove this window. 

> > when I tune the band and hear a dupe, dupe is displayed, 
> but then no 
> > additional message, how many QTCs can be received from this station.
> > Also the message "QTC ok: 10" is not clear at first glance. Better 
> > would be "QTCs needed: 10"
> Noted.
Well! In the last WAE, I keyed "Alt-L" to know and it would be better to
have it displayed directly for dupe stations.
Again congratulations to dev team for the support of WAE/QTCs I used it last
year (CW) and appreciate it very much. I hope I could use it for the next
WAE / RTTY ;-) (12/13 November 2005)
 ;-)) Is it too short for the RTTY Alessandro Volta this week-end? (even
pre-beta version)

> 73,
> --
> Olivier / f5mzn

Pas sur la tête Olivier...

73 - Philippe - F6IFY

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