[WT-support] WAEDC Tests de A61AJ

Ben DL6RAI wintest at dl6rai.muc.de
Sun Jul 17 12:06:35 CEST 2005

Dear Olivier, dear Laurent:

In anticipation of our planned activity from the UAE during the WAE DX Contest 
CW 2005, I started testing Wintest 2.18.3 typing in an old log from JY9QJ. 
I also used a large non-EU and a large EU log from last year and imported them
via the Cabrillo Import function.

This is what I found:

Both imported logs showed the correct QSOs and multiplier counts. QTCs were 
counted OK with the non-EU log but with the EU log all QTCs were lost. This 
may be due to a Cabrillo formatting issue. I did not look into this matter 
any further.

The rest of the report refers to the manual typing in of old logs.

After I had logged a non-EU station, the program always repeated to transmit 
QTCs starting from the QSO thereafter. Specifically, I logged PY2NY as QSO #22. 
At QSO #28 I logged DK3YD. DK3YD asked for QTCs and after pressing ctrl-L 
I saw QSOs 23..27 listed for QTC traffic. I give out QSOs 23..27 to DK3YD. 
At QSO #29 I logged DK2OY. I press ctrl-L and the QTC mask presented again 
QSOs 23..28 to send as QTCs. This is incorrect; instead, it should have only 
presented QSO #28.

a) I inadvertedly pressed "Validate" while sending QTCs to DL2NBU. The QTC window
closed and I could not finish sending the QTCs. The QTCs were marked as "sent"
in my log but DL2NBU had no chance to copy them. I would prefer to be able to 
open this window again to continue passing the QTCs.

b) While transmitting the QTCs [INS] should additionally go to the next line so
that when a QTC is confirmed by the receiving station, you just press [INS] again
to continue. [+] should tranansmit "TU A61AJ" and not only "TU".

c) Wintest should not allow sending or receiving QTCs to/from a station which is
not yet in the log.

d) Could the QTCs be presented in the rate sheet in any way? They have the same
weight as the QSOs.

e) QSOs outside EU should not be counted as valid QSOs in the summary.

f) I would also like to support DL1MGB's suggestion to be able to break with a 
station while sending QTCs in case communication is lost. Maybe the
group count in the QTC window could be made editable so that when a situation
like that ocurrs, only the QTCs sent up to that point would be applied
to the log (and not the full block of 10). You are correct in that a group
number has to be issued before the QTC sending starts, but it is OK to modify 
the QTC count if not all QTCs could be sent.

Finally there is one little thing I'd like to report. When you open Wintest without
loading any log, pressing the [ESC] key will abort the program with an error

Let's see what still can be done before WAEDC-CW 2005.

73 Ben, DL6RAI
(also WAE DX Contest Manager)

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