[WT-support] Re: Support Digest, Vol 6, Issue 16

Tadej MEZEK, S51TA tadej.mezek at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 20:49:18 CET 2005

I operated arrl cw with win-test and I am satisfied with the SW and
will proceed using it in good and bad, 1st so2r attempt will be for
wpx ssb, till then single band operations......
I have to say SW is great. I only find out that the keyer speed is not
changing much or none althought you change it from 30 to 38 or
40....but that is not the thing which would bother me...I just put
some +in front of the messages.....:)

I am using it now for general log and the only thing which is somehow
missing for me within non contest operation is a window for packet
spots...which would be sorted by band....mode etc....new DX......as
you would choose.......
What others think?

Is there anyone on this list who connected the SW with SB for phone
contest (arrl ssb) and has writen down this? I tried to do it but I
can not get it going...I can record messages in Windows sound
recorder......but can not get it recorded in the SW and also not
played on a speaker. I am sure there is only a easy trick....and hope
some would tell me about it.

Thanks for great product!


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