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José Nunes ct1boh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 12:12:06 CET 2005


You don't need to do what you are thinking to work a multiplier on the
second radio:
Forget "Space", checking for Calls with enter or moving the focus
between radio1 and radio2. All you have to do it type a call and push
F# keys (+ SHIFT for secondary radio)

If you run on radio1 and S&P on radio 2, to check if a call is a mult
on second radio just push and keep pushing SHIFT key while you type
the call. Automatically in the secondary radio the program will tell
you if it is a new mult/QSO as you type each letter. For Exmple when
you type CT the program will tell if CT is mult, if next you type 3
the program will tell if CT3 is a mult, and when you tye next AA, the
program will tell you if it is a dupe or not. As you see all you have
to do is type a call and it will go to primary radio push SHIFT (or
footswitch) and type a call and it will go to secondary radio.
(Primary radio and secondary radio can be either radio1 or radio2, for
those who operate any radio in a run or mult function).

If the call it is a dupe or you don't want to work it just SHIFT+F11
to kill it from the secondary window, just like you kill a call from
primary radio with just F11.

To work it just SHIFT+F4 to send your call in secondary radio.
Just like you do F4 to send your call in primary radio.

You don't need to move focus from one radio to the other.

This is what is really nice about Win-Test.

You can even have a more advance operating procedure if you include in
the secondary radio "F4" message, in the scenario configuration,
insttructions to transmit to either radio. For example instead of
SHIFT+F4 just sending your call into the radio2, you can make it to
send something in radio1 after your call in radio 2, to keep your run
frequency busy

José Nunes

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