[WT-support] Win test questions

Tadej MEZEK, S51TA tadej.mezek at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 22:41:12 CET 2005

Hello to everyone on this list,

I am a a new one with win test, and on 1st look and some investigation
on program I like it very much, especially some options.
I would like to ask some questions as follows;

- Is there any special window for all packet spots, not announce
window but just packet spots in a row. It is not so much of importance
but could not find a window for that and I am curious.

- Dualing in SO2R seems to work fine, but I have some other question
on so2r regarding work mult; If 1st radio is CQ and 2nd radio is on RX
you should push * to get into 2nd radio entry window.....and then when
the cq ends on 1st radio the entry focus stays on 2nd radio and you
need to push * again to get into 1st radio entry window to log a qso.
As there are many possible scenarious to be arranged I would like to
suggest this scenario; ( all this is my findings-maybe demo version is
somehow different than registered one?)

I would suggest that this thing would be like this-one of scenarious:
You call cq on 1st radio, and you s&p on 2nd one. When you find a
station on 2nd radio while you are CQ-ing on 1st radio you push *(or
caps lock would be even better-it is close to your fingers....and you
do not need it during the contest for any other operations) you move
the key focus to 2nd radio entry window and enter the call and check
it with space or enter key would be even better-if it is a dupe it
disapears if it is a new one it stays there. But when you push enter
key (or space) to check that call the keyboard focus goes
AUTOMATICALLY back to 1st radio. So than you wait for a good moment to
grab that qso......so in apropriate moment you hit SPACE button
(apropriate moment is when nobody answer the call on 1st radio and/or
if the 2nd radio station ends his cq....). When you hit SPACE button
your call is send to 2nd radio station and your keyboard focus change
from radio 1 to radio 2(if he hears you OK, you work him with insert +
plus etc, and when you log him WT automatically start to call cq on
1st radio..........if he do not hear you, you can eather repeat your
call or delete it with alt-w...with standard procedure......

I like the concept of the program very much, and I will buy it. Please
tell me if such scenario is possible and in how early future?

Hope to hear some messages from all of you,

Thanks for now,

cu Ted, s51ta

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