[WT-support] PACC Contest error

John Coleman vk6nu at arach.net.au
Tue Feb 8 09:39:50 CET 2005

Hi All

Just testing for the PACC contest and have encountered a problem. I know this is a Dutch only contest, but as soon as you enter an invalid call (NOT DUTCH) the program shuts down. For example if I put PY****instead of PA it shuts down or if I put a callsign  starting with another letter other than P it will shut down. The same thing happens if I click on a call in the band map. Maybe someone else can confirm this. I know it would be possible to do the contest without making these mistakes but just thought I would report it. 

PS:  We don't hear to many PA stations in VK6 so lots of time to fire things up again hi hi.

73 John VK6NU
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