[WT-support] SSB with PC microphone

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Sat Feb 5 15:18:02 CET 2005

Hi Philippe

f6ify a écrit :

> The recorded messages works well from the PC soundcard. The PC microphone is
> always muted when I send a recorded message (this is correct) but it is not
> set again when the message is finish or I press the escape key.
> So I can't use my PC microphone/headset as a microphone for the radio with
> my homemade interface (a simple 1:100 voltage divider). I can use the PC
> microphone/headset without problem if I set the microphone "not muted" with
> the master volume control of window. No problem for the serial port PTT
> coupled with the footswitch.
> Maybe I have forgotten some settings?

There are text commands on this topic (in fact, it was a request from 
Franck F8CRH few months ago), which dont have a GUI interface.

Found in the version 2.2.1 release notes :

> - New experimental feature : The soundcard microphone input can be
>   managed to be used in pass-thru mode with the voice keyer (VK)
>   thanks to 4 new text commands :
>   - MIC : Enables the mic input when the VK is not playing
>   - NOMIC :  Mutes the mic input when the VK is not playing (*)
>   - MICWHENPLAY : Enables the mic input when the VK is playing
>   - NOMICWHENPLAY : Mutes the mic input when the VK is playing (*)
>   (*) Default settings after installing.
>   Notes :
>   - These settings can be set only when you're in a Phone mode.
>   - If you change mode to a non-phone (in a mixed contest for ex),
>     the mic input will be muted. It will be also muted when
>     exiting Win-Test.
>   - Settings will not be applied immediatly if you modify them
>     when the VK is playing.

These settings are set in the ini file (voice keyer section.

Hope this helps !



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