[WT-support] SSB with PC microphone

f6ify f6ify at free.fr
Sat Feb 5 14:49:37 CET 2005

   I am preparing the REF SSB contest cup...
The recorded messages works well from the PC soundcard. The PC microphone is
always muted when I send a recorded message (this is correct) but it is not
set again when the message is finish or I press the escape key.
So I can't use my PC microphone/headset as a microphone for the radio with
my homemade interface (a simple 1:100 voltage divider). I can use the PC
microphone/headset without problem if I set the microphone "not muted" with
the master volume control of window. No problem for the serial port PTT
coupled with the footswitch.
Maybe I have forgotten some settings?

73 de Philippe - F6IFY
CU with F6REF/00 during this one.

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