[WT-support] Win-Test 2.21.0 is in the vault

Olivier F5MZN olecam at f5mzn.org
Thu Dec 8 12:03:28 CET 2005

Hello the list,

Larry F6FVY and I are pleased to announce the version 2.21.0 of Win-test.

http://download.win-test.com/wt-2.21.0.exe [full, 3.4 MB]
http://download.win-test.com/wt-2.21.0-update.exe [update, 1.7 MB]

This versions comes with various bugs fixed, a couple of new contests 
(ARI 40/80 meters and UFT contest) added and some new features.

Thanks to OM7ZZ and W4TV, the code for the internal Win-Key driver has 
been rewritten. I hope that the CW random speed change is now history! 
Thanks everybody for the accurate reports regarding that problem.

As usual, the complete release file is following.

73 de f5mzn

2.21.0 (December 8, 2005)

- Bugfix: in ARRL Sweepstakes, pressing the TAB key issued in a
   software crash. Fixed. Tks N3KS.

- When the software is sending a CW message with $spacebar on radio 1,
   the software was actually "pressing spacebar" in the Secondary Radio
   window if SHIFT is pressed ("Shift Binds to the Secondary Radio"
   feature). Fixed. Tks OH2JFN.

- Bugfix: setting SO1R Technique after either SO2R or SO2R Advanced
   has been used was not resetting the scenario macros. Fixed.
   Tks I4UFH.

- Added 4 new COM ports, which now changes the number of supported
   COM ports up to 12.

- Added a tool for checking the log against the QSO worked on the
   multiplier station which are not Mults (see in "Tools" menu)!

- CW speed is reset to the current value at the beginning of
   each message.

- Bug fix: PTT delay in WinKey was 10 times longer than expected! Tks

- Rewritten part of the WinKey API. This is intentended to fix the
   speed variation problems. Tks GM4FDM, G5W, HB9CZF, OM7ZZ, W4TV.

- Added an option in the "WinKey Properties" window to swap paddles.
   One can also use the text commands "MKSWAP" or "WKREVERSE" in the
   callsign field to swap the paddles on the fly.

- Bugfix: Latch mode with EZMaster was not working in CW. Fixed. Tks
   G3BJ and OH2HU.

- The QSY and mult checks dialog windows are now modeless, which allows
   to modify QSO while the report is displayed. A double click on a
   report line moves the log to the offending QSO and you can edit it.
   A subset of shortcut is also allowed (namely Alt-Y and Alt-F).

- ARRL 160 : Stats window (Ctrl-F9) now displays three days instead of
   two. Tnx F5IN.

- ARRL 160 : The associated databases names are now :

   - ARRL_160_DX.DTB for the DX side entries stations
   - ARRL_160_USVE.DTB for the US and VE entries stations

   Tnx F5IN for the creation of the current bases.

- ARI 40/80 meters contest added. The associated database is ARI.DTB.
   Tnx IZ7AUH. [Note : It is a domestic Italian contest only]

- UFT HF contest added. Needs the UFT.DAT file. The associated database
   is UFT_HF.DTB. Tnx F5IN and F6ENO.

- The Alt-F4 feature (to return to the last CQ freq) has been modified
   to be compliant with mixed contests.

- Bugfix : ARRL 160 : Dupes count was always 0 in the summary window
   and in the summary file. Tnx F6FGZ.

- Bugfix : Callsigns including a decimal point were accepted by
   mistake ! Tnx F6DZS @ TM2Y.

- Bugfix : The tooltip windows do not display buttons in the windows
   taskbar anymore.

- Bugfix : Summary broadcasting periodicity value was wrongly saved in
   the ini file.

- Bugfix : 4U50VIC was considered as OE in CQWW.

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