[WT-support] Flex-Radio SDR1000 and CAT with Win-Test

Olivier F5MZN olecam at f5mzn.org
Sat Dec 3 13:34:51 CET 2005

Hi Tim,

> I would like to use my Flex-Radio SDR1000 (_www.flex-radio.com_ 
> <http://www.flex-radio.com>) interfaced to Win-Test.  Currently, the 
> SDR1000 uses the Kenwood TS-2000 CAT commands as the core subset of CAT 
> commands and has extensions to the Kenwood command set for SDR1000 
> specific operations.
> Since Win-Test currently supports the TS-2000, this aspect of 
> interfacing the SDR1000 to Win-Test shouldn’t be a problem.
> My problem is that the SDR1000 uses virtual com ports for CAT control.  
> There is no physical com port on the radio.  Win-Test only shows the 
> physical com ports for interfacing radios (and other devices).

Win-Test can handle virtual COM port as well. What is the (virtual) COM 
port number the SDR1K driver is attached to?

Olivier / f5mzn

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