[WT-support] Flex-Radio SDR1000 and CAT with Win-Test

Tim Ellison tellison at itsco.com
Sat Dec 3 04:56:00 CET 2005

I would like to use my Flex-Radio SDR1000 (www.flex-radio.com)
interfaced to Win-Test.  Currently, the SDR1000 uses the Kenwood TS-2000
CAT commands as the core subset of CAT commands and has extensions to
the Kenwood command set for SDR1000 specific operations.

Since Win-Test currently supports the TS-2000, this aspect of
interfacing the SDR1000 to Win-Test shouldn't be a problem.

My problem is that the SDR1000 uses virtual com ports for CAT control.
There is no physical com port on the radio.  Win-Test only shows the
physical com ports for interfacing radios (and other devices).

Would it be possible to allow the user to define virtual com ports in
addition to the physical com ports Win-Test finds defined on the
computer within Win-Test for CAT control?

I can send you a dictionary of the SDR1000 CAT commands if needed.

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