[WT-support] Dx-pedition mode. question?

John Coleman vk6nu at arach.net.au
Sat Sep 18 05:32:58 CEST 2004

Hi Larry

Thanks for the info, I hadn't tried it set to all modes. Yep it works fine
that way.  Never did manage to work 5V7C very poor conditions. I needed them
for a new one. There is always next time. By the way I let the Oceania
Contest organisers know about Win-Test. They now have a link on the Website,
top of the list.

73 John VK6NU

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> Hi John
> John Coleman a écrit :
> > Just having a play with the DXpedition set up for my VI6175WA operation
> > month, I noticed the following, if you open the check multipliers window
> > window opens but is very narrow on the screen.
> In DXPed mode, window width depends on the number of modes in the
> choosen mode category.
> If you set a mono-mode 'category' (CW, SSB, RTTY) etc... in the contest
> parameters dialog, you will get a one-column width for F10. In mixed (=
> CW + SSB) you'll get a 2 column width etc...
> The usual way is to set the 'all modes' category (even if you dont use
> them all) : You will then get a full width window.
> BTW, with the 'all modes' category you can log in CW, SSB, RTTY, PKT,
> PSK, HELL. Reminder : WT isn't a sophisticated logging software - But it
> works ;-) 5V7C used it (with 12000+ QSO logs). You can even use it
> within in network.
> > Why would you need
> > multipliers in DXpedition mode I hear you say.  Because this window has
> > very valuable info like Country, Bearings short and long path etc SS SR
> > times etc. Its a very useful window even on DXpedition if you find an
> > obscure call it fills out all the info for you . I don't think there is
> > way for the user to resize this window. I think it should be normal size
> > the above reasons.
> In fact, as you pointed it out, there is no 'multiplier' for a DXPed
> log. This window only shows on which bands and modes you worked the
> current station (worked modes are displayed in F10). And the usual infos
> you're asking for, on the worked country : Name, Heading short path,
> long path, SR, SS, local time etc...
> Best of luck in your VI6175WA operation.
> 73
> Larry - F6FVY
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