[WT-support] New Win-Test script and HQ data files for IARU now available

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Tue Jul 9 03:02:54 CEST 2019

I've published a new Win-Test script named "SearchXDT" which should be
helpful while operating the IARU contest this weekend.  Sometimes you hear
a HQ station running fast, giving exchanges, but not sending their callsign
very often.  Now all you have to do is type the exchange (HQ abbreviation),
or partial exchange, or partial callsign, and press a key, and the script
displays all the published callsigns or HQ multipliers that match what you
have entered.  It simply scans one text file in the Win-test /extras
directory, such as IARU2019.XDT, and displays the matching lines in a
pop-up window.

Thanks to K8AZ for the idea.

SearchXDT.zip and other useful Win-Test scripts may be downloaded from my
Win-Test Scripts page:


See Readme_SearchXDT.txt inside SearchXDT.zip for installation instructions.

The latest Win-Test IARU HQ station list and prefill file for 2019
(itu.dtb) and an "Extra Data" text file with the same
data (iaru2019.xdt) may be downloaded from:

https://bit.ly/itudtb  (downloads itu.zip)

Installation instructions (Readme.txt) are included in the Zip for Win-Test
and other loggers.

The iaru2019.xdt file may be used in the Win-Test Extra Information window
(Alt-X) as a visual check if an operator makes mistake while entering the
HQ multiplier, an error which will override the itu.dtb prefill on later
QSOs with the same station.

Be sure to copy itu.dtb to the /databases directory, and iaru2019.xdt to
the /extras directory.  Use the File | Explore menu in Win-test to locate
the right directories.

Thanks to Joe, OZ0J for collecting the data.  Please send updates /
corrections to Joe, contest at oz0j.dk, who is maintaining the master list.  I
produce my files from Joe's data, so please send updates as soon as
possible only to Joe, not to me, especially if you will be operating at a
HQ station not listed in the files.

I'll be updating itu.zip right up until the contest starts as new
information is received.  The file was last updated today.  If you type
R9HQ in Win-Test and it doesn't prefill SRR, it means your HQ prefill file
is out-of-date.

Bob, N6TV
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