[WT-support] Is WT no longer supported?

Wolfgang Schwarz ws at dk9vz.com
Sun Mar 25 14:07:19 CEST 2018


Is anyone on this list able to help me please?
I have a new notebook and just want to licence it for WT for some time 
now ....

I am a WT customer for years, starting with version 3, but requesting a 
new licence via website
different times didn´t return any licence number within last weeks. I 
remembered that this problem
happened already in the past, because "too many" PCs at our station have 
been licensed
in the past
(What is the maximum number of PCs per licence?).

So I decided to buy a new and second licence one week ago. Since then I 
didn´t get any reply
so far; just Paypal confirmed that I have sent money.
Writing a mail to WTs sales department was also unsuccesful.

Is WT no longer supported (Sales)?
Is this something we should be concernded about?

/*73 de*/
/*Wolfgang DK9VZ*/
ws at dk9vz.com <mailto:ws at dk9vz.com>

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