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Björn Ekelund bjorn at ekelund.nu
Tue Mar 20 23:11:22 CET 2018

I am an N1MM convertite and one of the features I really enjoyed with N1MM
was the very intelligent ESM functionality.

I have tried both the built-in mechanics as well as the two ESM scripts
listed in the Win-Test Wiki but they all suffer from the same issue in S&P.

The "normal" case works well, you enter a call sign, hit Return and your
call is sent. Once you get a response you hit Space, enter the exchange,
Return sends your exchange and then an additional Return logs the QSO.
One unnecessary Return compared to N1MM, but ok.

Also, when calling a spot, you hit ctrl-Arrow/ctrl-Space to grab the spot,
then the rest of the sequence is as above.

However, the combination of calling a spot and automatic exchange guessing
does not work well.

In this case you grab the spot with ctrl-Arrow/ctrl-Space (which also
triggers an exchange guess) and when you hit return, your exchange (!) is
transmitted instead of your call. A second Return will then log the

So in this particular case, the sequence will be F4, Return instead of
Return, Return.

I am no stranger to LUA (I have written macros for a major MMORPG online
game in my past) but before I start designing my own ESM script I just want
to find out if someone else have already written a script that handles also
this case.

Any feedback is appreciated,

Björn SM7IUN
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