[WT-support] Trouble with the F-keys

la7to la7to at online.no
Mon Feb 19 20:16:53 CET 2018

After several years of running Win-test under WinXP I have just downloaded a
new Win-test version to my HP Pavillion dv6 running under Win 7. Everything
worked perfect on XP, so I was a bit surprised when the F-keys doesn't work.
Nothing happends when I click them. (Except for + and F5 key, in fact theres
is nothing written on F5). If I go to the Commands-menu and click on CW/RTTY
messages with my mouse, it sends perfect! Keyboard mode works also great,
but not F-keys. If I click ³fn² key first, then next click on a f-key they
works, but I have to activate fn-key every time first. It is clear to me
that the problem is on the computer, not win-test. Can anyone give me a
light in the tunnell?
Thanks for any help.
LA7TO, Jan
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