[WT-support] MM/2 logs not syncing

MARTIN w2cg at comcast.net
Sat Feb 17 21:05:09 CET 2018

Never mind. Operator error, we didn't have all the broadcast it's the same. Duh.

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From: w2cg at comcast.net
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Sent: 2018-02-17 11:29:31 AM 
Subject: MM/2 logs not syncing

I'm running MM/2 in ARRL DX contest, using Win7, Win-Test V4.27.
The logs are not syncing and the second rig doesn't show up in the status window.
The DX Cluster spots are showing up in the monitor windows of both machines.
I've got the broadcast on the network checked on both machines. 
Any help is appreciated.
Marty, W2CG

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