[WT-support] IC-7610 support not yet working right in Development Version

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Thu Feb 15 00:21:09 CET 2018

Laurent added IC-7610 support to verison 4.28.0-dev of Win-Test, but it's
not reading the frequency of the radio properly, and that probably won't be
fixed until after ARRL DX CW.  You can type a frequency and press [Enter],
and VFO A will go there OK, but even with CI-V Transceive ON, Win-Test will
not follow the movement of the VFO.

Workaround:  use the IC-7610 *SET -> Connectors -> CI-V* menu to
change the *CI-V
Address* of the IC-7610 to *8Eh* (and leave *CI-V Transceive ON*), then
tell Win-Test 4.27 or 4.28.0-dev that the radio type is *IC-7851* instead
of IC-7610, and it will start to work normally.

Most of my Icom LUA scripts will not work however, as many still need to be
customized for the IC-7610 command set, which is quite different than the
7851.  I'll be working on this soon, but probably after ARRL DX CW.

Another option is to use OmniRig support.  Let me know if you need the
corrected IC-7610.ini file for OmniRig.

Bob, N6TV
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