[WT-support] WT registration robot. Is it ok ?

John A. Ross [GM1BSG] gm1bsg at gm6nx.com
Thu Jul 23 22:52:32 CEST 2015



Thanks for the reply. OK, I will try the same reg code as I have that but will try te upgrade again with run as admin .


Nope, nothing in the spam folder and I am receiving @win-test.com email from here fine.


If you reckon the bot is up and running OK, I guess the missing emails are just another mystery of life.






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On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 11:46 AM, John A. Ross [GM1BSG] <gm1bsg at gm6nx.com> wrote:

No HDD or any other updates and it was working fine on that laptop with .16 end of may (last time used) and was fine when started with .16, no nag screen.


But the registration issue and installer aside, which I can easy fix, I am receiving the email list messages fine to the same email address.


In the past messages from robot at win-test.com have been rejected or flagged as spam by some email clients.  Did you check your Spam folder?


In any case, if you can find the email, you should be able to use the same registration code on that machine as we used the last time.  Just search your email for a message from robot at win-test.com, or search for the 13-digit "Computer Code" (XXX-XXXX-XXXXXX) displayed by WT 4.17 when you select Help | Register software.  I hope that's the code you pasted into the web site, otherwise you will receive nothing.


 If it is just a matter of updating a file can I use the same code or does it have a time component in the mix for generating the key ?


There is no time component; it's based on hardware and operating system specifics, and is different for every computer.


Can you find a file named c:\ProgramData\Win-Test\cfg\wt.ini ?  Do you have any other copies of wt.ini on your system?  If you find one in a "VirtualStore" folder with a current timestamp, it means you're not running Win-Test as an Administrator, and it will probably come up in demo mode since it's looking at a new wt.ini file instead of the original one you were using before, with the proper registration key.


Win-Test may only be registered by pasting your machine's dedicated 25-digit registration key (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX)  into the Help | Register Software dialog and pressing OK.


So I should expect a response from the robot anyway regardless of the install status correct ?

Not if it's being rejected by your email server.

So, is Win-Test 4.17 marked with "Run this program as an Administrator?"  Even if already signed with an Administrator account, that is something you should really do.



Bob, N6TV

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