[WT-support] WT registration robot. Is it ok ?

John A. Ross [GM1BSG] gm1bsg at gm6nx.com
Thu Jul 23 20:46:43 CEST 2015

Hi Bob


My email is the same and I ran the WT upgrade as it was only .16 to .17 (same as I use for this email list)


No HDD or any other updates and it was working fine on that laptop with .16 end of may (last time used) and was fine when started with .16, no nag screen.


But the registration issue and installer aside, which I can easy fix, I am receiving the email list messages fine to the same email address.


If it is just a matter of updating a file can I use the same code or does it have a time component in the mix for generating the key ?


So I should expect a response from the robot anyway regardless of the install status correct ?




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If WT 4.16 was running OK on that machine, it should not ask you to register again, unless you replaced a hard disk or made some other major upgrade.  Or, did you uninstall 4.16 first?  That is not necessary and not recommended.


Chances are you forgot to select "Run as Administrator" when upgrading, so now it is looking in the wrong place for the wt.ini file.


Right click on the Win-Test Icon, Properties, Compatibility, check "Run as this program as an Administrator," and try again.  If that doesn't fix it, re-run the installer, but right click and select "Run as Administrator" on the installer, instead of simply double-clicking on it.


As for the robot, it sends email to the address on file, the one you used when you first purchased Win-Test.  Chances are it's not the same email address as the one you're using now?


See also http://bit.ly/registerwt for step-by-step instructions.


Bob, N6TV


On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 11:13 AM, John (GM1BSG) <gm1bsg at gm6nx.com> wrote:

I upgraded a laptop from .16 to .17 and it asked me to register again.


No big deal except I am not getting a mail from the robot with the new code.


Is the bot ok






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