[WT-support] RES: Fwd: Help wtTunnel - Fail when the Internet turn off at one side of WAN.

Mario Lorenz ml-wt at vdazone.org
Sat Jul 11 08:01:28 CEST 2015

Hello Fernando,

Am 10. Jul 2015, um 19:56:01 schrieb Fernando PY2LED:
> Hello Laurent,good evening! 
> Thanks one more time for your support.
> Due to this risks, we from ZW0HQ will use Win-Test HQ in all stations from ITU 15 and I will merge the logs after the contest.

While over the years, we have seen our share of problems with the WT
Tunnel at DA0HQ and the related issues with internet stability, never in
the past have we seen dupes. Some QSOs were not synchronized, but this
can be fixed by merging the logs after the contest, even while
synchronization was on.

Could you please:
- Verify only one station in the whole network sends out Time packets
- every site has had only one tunnel, and only one bridge master
- each station at each site uses a unique name ?
- state which version of win-test and tunnel you are using ?

and if the problem still persists, further diagnose it ? 
(I'd be interested in the individual .wt4 logs of the station involved
to maybe see what happened)

While it is only 6 hours to the contest, if some major bug got
introduced in recent software versions - unlikely but not impossible - 
there would still be a chance to roll back to last year's version...

Best regards,

Mario (at DA0HQ)

Mario Lorenz                            Internet:    <ml at vdazone.org>
                                        Ham Radio:   DL5MLO at DB0ERF.#THR.DEU.EU

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