[WT-support] Controlling custom hardware?

Markku Oksanen markku.a.oksanen at outlook.com
Wed Mar 19 18:38:33 CET 2014

First, thank you for the helpful suggestions and hints.
For the past few days I have been trying to make a MS .NET 4.0 UDP listener work under VB2010, using the System.Net.Sockets namespace, which gives you essentially a 5 line UDP listener.Now, this works but ONLY one time because I don't manage to release the resources (the port) in a proper manner and after countless hours of searching, I can't find the answer either.  And still there is plenty of UDP listener SW that works.  What to do?
So, just because it was simple, I was doing the testing on a single laptop with WT running as the UDP source (broadcasting what WT broadcasts) and it t turns out that when I move WT to an other machine on the same network, all work great!!!  My code was OK, it was the way XP TCP/IP stack and ports that caused the errors. Now I have the code I need to go ahead.
So,  I only need to write the LUA script that checks what radio is active and if "*" was already used etc. and I should be in business to send my custom GAB messages as Ingo suggested.

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