[WT-support] PTT in RTTY

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Wed Sep 18 20:13:02 CEST 2013

You should *not* use EXTFSK with MMTTY and microKEYER II when using
Win-Test.  See the example configuration for Win-Test and microKEYER
II available in Router (Help | download documents) or online in the 
microKEYER II area at www.microHAM-USA.com/support.html.

Simply tick "PTT" on the FSK port in microHAM Router, configure MMTTY
to use Router's FSK port as the PTT & FSK port, and set MTTTY's USB
Port (button on the Misc Tab) for "C: Limiting Speed".

All of the necessary settings are shown clearly - with screen captures
in many cases - in the example configuration document.

*NEVER* use EXTFSK with microHAM microKEYER, DigiKeyer, microKEYER II,
DigiKeyer II, MK2R+ or micro2R.  All of those interfaces provide a
UART compatible, virtual port for FSK that handles 45, 50, 75 and 100
baud RTTY (baudot) directly.  EXTFSK is not compatible with the FSK
output of the microHAM "keyer" devices.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 9/18/2013 12:40 PM, IT9AUG Carmelo wrote:
> Hello, i need to send PTT by extarnal COM and not by EXTFSK in rtty mode, there are some MACROS for WT or another command to use this, i use MicroKeyer2 and don’t can change FSK ports on MMTTY.
> Tnx for help me and 73.
> Carmelo.
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