[WT-support] 2Tone RTTY encoder support?

Juha Rantanen oh6xx at sral.fi
Tue Aug 20 09:15:55 CEST 2013


I made some tests with 2Tone based on the AA5AU's instructions on N1MM
http://www.rttycontesting.com/n1mm/n1mm-quickstart-2tone.html . I
downloaded 2Tone from
http://rttycontesting.com/downloads/downloads.htmland extracted it to
c:/ham/2tone (you can choose any folder). In Win-Test |
Options | RTTY configuration... I checked Run MMTTY and wrote
c:/ham/2tone/2tone.exe to the Path of MMTTY for Radio 1: -line. Don't press
Browse as you will not find 2tone.exe that way. Browse looks only for
MMTTY.exe. Win-Test at least opens 2Tone encoder window same way as it
opens MMTTY decoder window. I don't have any radio connected now so could
someone check whether this really works or not with live signals and
clicking callsigns on RTTY (Radio 1) -window.

Juha OH6XX

2013/8/20 Juha Rantanen <oh6xx at sral.fi>

> Hi,
> There is this new 2Tone RTTY encoder available which is more powerful in
> encoding weak signals than MMTTY. Are there any plans in supporting it?
> 73,
> Juha OH6XX
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