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Erhard Engfer engfer at t-online.de
Tue Aug 6 10:08:41 CEST 2013



after reading a lot of older postings concerning “Write down QTC on Paper
and edit WT later” and “I´m too slow at the PC-Keyboard to write down QTC
directly into the Log”  here´s another Solution:


-          Use Contest Recording in WT

-          Get a QTC-Series (from A1AA e.g.)

-          ALT-L

-          Fill out the Header correctly (A1AA, 3/5 e.g.)

-          Write down the QTC neither on Paper nor directly into the Log
(depends on the “given speed”)

-          If You wrote down on Paper: Fill out the rows in QTC-Window with
“Dummies” (1200, DL1AA, 1, three times in that given Series !) 

-          Save the QTC-Series, so you will have a correct indicator for
“missing QTC from A1AA” during the Contest.

-          Only saving the Header without typing in Dummy-QTCs doesn´t work

-          After the Contest type “A1AA” & ALT-L

-          You´ll find that Dummy-QTC

-          Replace with the Data from your Paper-QTC-Log that maybe is
verified with the Contest Recording.

-          Save and voila.


The saved “improvement” will have the correct Date/Time from the former


Most of us don´t have the capability to write down QTCs from the BIG GUNS
via the keyboard in real time and it´s boring for them, to ask for QRS 


Vy 73s

Erhard, DL5JQ


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