[WT-support] WT - Databases for JIDX Contest (out of JA) 2013 - by SP5KP

SP5KP sp5kp at wp.pl
Wed Apr 10 19:48:41 CEST 2013

 Hi all 

RULES: http://jidx.org/jidxrule-e.html



This is a link for downloading databases for JIDX Contest (out of JA) 2013,

for Win Test program - by SP5KP 


WT - http://pga-zawody.eham.pl/downloads.php?cat_id=31



Download = click on Pobierz 



VY 73!

Krzysztof "Chris"
SP5KP, 3Z5W, 3Z40KP, ex SN5N 

admin portalu : http://pga-zawody.eham.pl

eMail: sp5kp at wp.pl
Skype: sp5kp.

Member of:
SPDXC#430, SPCWC#49, EPC#6350, BSCC#245

GSM: +48 603 310037

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