[WT-support] Wintest and IB1-IB9

IW1QN Federico iw1qn at yahoo.it
Mon Mar 26 12:27:52 CEST 2012

Hallo to Everybody.
I'm IW1QN and my Contest Call is IB1B.
Wintest consider IB1 like Italian Island but is Only for IB0 that is Island.
 From IB1 to IB9 are Reserved to Contest call.
Is possile that If I insert IB1 to IB9, WinTest not say Italian Island?
For me is not important, but for other make QSO with me.

Spinetti Federico IW1QN - IB1B
UX5UO Print Italian Reference

iw1qn at arrl.net
iw1qn at yahoo.it
iw1qn at mdxc.org
iw1qn at acehighdx.org

TeL: +39 338 7950672

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