[WT-support] Advanced SO2R mode still not usable for ARRL Sweepstakes phone / WPX phone

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Fri Nov 18 20:58:25 CET 2011

For those planning to use Win-Test in SO2R mode in the ARRL Sweepstakes
Phone contest this weekend, or in WPX Phone next March, please note:

*There still doesn't seem to be any way to get the microphone to transmit
on the secondary radio, which means there is no way to transmit your serial
number on the secondary radio.*

DVK messages do play OK on the secondary radio window, but when you speak
into the mic. to give out the serial number in the exchange, you will be
transmitting on the wrong radio (the primary radio) instead of the
secondary radio.  On CW, Win-Test remembers where the last message was
sent, and the paddles follow.  On phone, it never moves the mic. to the
secondary radio.

See task #264 <http://flyspray.win-test.com/index.php?do=details&id=264> for
more details (bug reported two years ago).

I tried adding $MK2R=FT2 to the end of the Secondary Radio advanced
scenario (force transmit on Radio 2 using microHAM control protoocl), but
it only briefly moved the TX LED to R2 before switching TX focus back to
R1.  Perhaps there is a way to make it work manually using dual foot
switches, but I have not tried.

One option is to use the star key [ * ] to manually swap Primary/Secondary
when you need to say something with the mic.

I've created a small script named SwapR1R2.wts to help automate this.  If
you press F4 to call on the secondary radio, it calls, then swaps Primary /
Secondary and moves focus to primary, ready for you to log the contact and
give your exchange, including serial no.  You can download it from
http://bit.ly/wtscripts (part of SwapFocus.zip).

Bob, N6TV

Bob, N6TV
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