[WT-support] Wrong Frequency logged on second radio contacts

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Sat Nov 12 00:38:26 CET 2011

During the ARRL Sweepstakes contest last weekend, unfortunately using
Windows 7 with unreliable Prolific USB-to-Serial adapters on each Elecraft
K3 radio, I was noticing that from time to time the frequency readout of
the inactive radio was displayed as a crazy number that made no sense.  I
was able to temporarily fix the problem by doing SETUP [Enter] [Enter],
which resets all Win-Test I/O port communications, but the problem returned
every few hours.  As we should all know by know, using Prolific USB drivers
are to be avoided, especially under Windows 7.  I tried setting DTR and RTS
to *Always ON*, but it did not help.

I noted that the *band* displayed by Win-Test 4.9.1 was always OK, but the
frequency often was not.

However, when I compared band to frequency later, in the exported TXT file,
I could not find a single QSO that was logged on the wrong band.  Many QSOs
were logged on 21.000 or 28.000 instead of the true and accurate frequency,
apparently at the time that the crazy radio frequencies were being noticed
in the Alt-J (Status) and Band Map windows, but no QSOs were logged on the
wrong band.  I made hundreds of secondary radio QSOs too.

The Win-Test 4.9.1 Release.txt file makes no mention of any fixes in this
area, but maybe that is just an oversight in the documentation.

Please remind me, which USB-to-Serial adapter are you using Bjorn?  The
N1MM documentation documents a good summary of what is available:


Bob, N6TV

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 1:36 PM, Bjorn LB1GB <lb1gb at la8w.com> wrote:

> Anyone had a chance to check their logs for wrong frequency logging on
> the second radio?
> 73 Bjorn LB1GB/LN8W
> On 5 November 2011 15:01, Bjorn LB1GB <lb1gb at la8w.com> wrote:
> > Again we experience wrong frequency logged on several second radio
> > contacts, band is logged correctly.
> > Cabrillo output is frequency so this will many times produce dupes
> > instead of mults.
> >
> > We used WT version 4.8.0
> > Has anyone experience this with 4.9.1?
> >
> > 73 Bjorn LB1GB
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